100x Faster IoT Prototyping

Don't let hardware dependencies slow down your IoT application development. Get started now with virtual hardware and network simulator.

IoTIFY works with almost every IoT cloud platform provider out there.

Virtual Hardware and Sensors in your browser.

Get started with virtual hardware and sensors online.

Don't let Application development wait for hardware prototypes to arrive. Quickly put together sensors, hardware and OS in virtual IoT lab and start parallel hardware and software development with distributed teams. Developing application for IoT could not get easy.

Build scalable IoT solutions for tomorrow. Today!


Simulate Millions of Intelligent IoT endpoints in the cloud

Simulate your large scale IoT installation with Smart IoT simulator. Generate fully customizable traffic contents from thousands of virtual endpoints in the cloud speaking MQTT, HTTP or CoAP. Test your IoT cloud platform for scale, security and reliability. Hardening your entire IoT system for reliability and performance has never been easier.

Get your smart product to market. Faster.

The traditional approach in IoT is to get smart products to market and then figure out monetization, which often results in low Return on Investment. Using our cloud-based Rapid prototyping tools, you could now virtually iterate and experiment with your business model until you figure out the optimum data and hardware to solve the real business problem.

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  • 1 Virtual Lab project
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  • 100 Database Records
  • 10 IoT Endpoints
  • 100 Network Simulation credits
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  • Simulate Millions of IoT endpoints
  • Develop Custom Virtual Sensors
  • White Label Integration
  • Sensor API & Test Automation
  • Custom GUI on demand
  • Phone support
  • Deploy On-premises / Cloud / Hybrid