Wireless Simulation (LWM2M)

A fortune 100 client of IoTIFY in this case study is a leading provider of cellular IoT chipsets, which are essentially data flow management systems, and AI for image sensing. The company offers the smallest and most highly integrated IoT chipsets on the market, featuring ultra-low power consumption, hardware-based security, and a carrier-grade integrated SIM […]

Agriculture Simulation

Going Green with cloud Bosch is one of the leading sensor and machine manufacturers of the world. Innovative technologies developed by Bosch empower agricultural-players to derive actionable insights, ensure operational efficiencies and deliver real value across the board. Together with their cloud software solutions, Bosch developed a full-stack agriculture offering. The solutions encompass a private […]

Smarthome Simulation

Journey to a Million – Derisking Scalability Rently is a leading smart-home platform for both single-family and multi-family operations. They aim at elevating the rental journey with self-touring, smart home and leasing tech. Today they are working with over 3500 operators and facilitating more than 15 million self-tours, acting as a middleman between renters and […]