Is your IoT solution ready to scale?

IoTIFY is industry's first cloud-based IoT performance testing platform helping developers build scalable IoT Applications handling Millions of connected devices.

Integrate continuous performance testing of your IoT cloud platform into CI/CD flows.

Still writing your own device simulator?

Every IoT project needs an intelligent device simulator. As the project moves forward, simulator becomes complex to maintain and orchestrate - taking the precious resources and focus away from developing the core IoT platform.

IoTIFY eases the life of developer and testers by providing simulation as a service. Use our platform to define a virtual device and specify the connection endpoint, while we take care of running and scaling the simulation as you need. Get started with pre-built integrations with leading cloud IoT platforms and use our advanced helper APIs to create scalable, intelligent system simulation quickly at scale.

Analyze the performance impact of every code commit

Integrated continuous performance testing

IoT systems are built for performance and even a minor architecture change could significantly affect the entire system performance. IoTIFY redefines the performance testing by measuring end to end latency of MQTT brokers, APIs and other system parameters, while validating their functional correctness. Say hello to truly intelligent system testing in the cloud - integrated with your favorite CI/CD flows.

Outperform your IoT cloud platform

IoTIFY is designed for scalability

Our platform is designed to match and even outperform your IoT cloud platform by being built on the same modern scalable architecture and design. The scalable virtual endpoints in the cloud speak MQTT, HTTP or CoAP. Test your IoT cloud platform for scaling, security and reliability. Hardening your entire IoT system for reliability and performance has never been easier.

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