Agriculture Simulation

Going Green with cloud

Bosch is one of the leading sensor and machine manufacturers of the world. Innovative technologies developed by Bosch empower agricultural-players to derive actionable insights, ensure operational efficiencies and deliver real value across the board. Together with their cloud software solutions, Bosch developed a full-stack agriculture offering. The solutions encompass a private mesh network of intelligent sensors for crops and plants, IoT cloud-enabled multi-device software, customer support and services created for each specific application. These solutions could track crop health, enable pest management, and provide data collection, performance tracking, and weather pattern analysis through revolutionary satellite technology. Satellite technology is an important part of communication technology, and commonly used in disaster risk management.

One of the key challenges in building this solution with global scale in the early days, was the lack of real-time streaming data. The existing dataset coming from the installed sensor base was too slow and following a linear trend, with temperature variations not that fast. The cloud development teams needed their simulators which could not only replay the existing datasets more quickly, but also generate artificially manufactured information to create synthetic datasets. These could test boundary conditions and complex logic in cloud solution (e.g. drought, flooding, excessive sunlight, frost)

IOTIFY partnered with Bosch software innovations to bring their existing sensor data models in the IOTIFY platform. Using our software, Bosch engineers could quickly fine-tune the mathematical models of their sensor data and replay synthetic datasets patterns with some variations to backtest their cloud software decision logic. This method initially allows them to see how well their solution would do ex-post. With the support of bidirectional communication, and device to device interaction, they could also send control commands to actuators (irrigation, Mobile app) and see the effect of their intelligent optimization. Using IOTIFY’s scalable NSIM architecture, Bosch engineers not only developed their cloud solution in record time, but they also used the simulator as a sales enablement tool to educate their customers about the benefits of using Bosch IoT cloud solutions.

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