Getting hardware right is hard.

We help you transform that idea quickly into reality by removing hardware dependencies.

Developing IoT application with hardware is hard, but that shouldn’t hold you back from prototyping your idea!
Focus on application development straight away!

Connect Any Cloud

All our virtualized elements have full internet connectivity and can integrate any cloud or software service, IoTIFY’s lab can also be used to test and integrate your cloud solutions.

Virtual Hardware

Popular hardware based projects with wide range of virtual sensors and actuators to develop your full stack applications. New HW is continuously being added.

Simulate and Build

Taking an IoT idea to full-scale solution is now a reality, thanks to virtual hardware and sensors. Showcase your analytics application in hours instead of days using our tools. Stay tuned for updates!

Get your IoT idea into a prototype quickly with IOTIFY


Save time and money spent on purchasing costly lab equipment and going through complex hardware prototyping to easily develop proof of concept.


Within few minutes you could launch a full stack IoT application with our platform. Put all pieces of IoT puzzle together quickly.


Quickly develop full-scale prototypes in the cloud and build a scalable infrastructure in the cloud to handle complex scenarios.


We have eliminated the complexity of hardware assembling and building scalable system so that you can now focus on your application.

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