Great ideas are born in Great minds.

That's why we are democratizing IoT education for everyone.

IoT is all about bringing innovative ideas to reality. Making future generations ready to face the challenges in connected world is of primary importance for Educators across globe, be it Schools, Universities or Massively Open Online courses across the world. IOTIFY provides a comprehensive education offering allowing teachers and course organizers to actively engage and train large numbers of participants online. By eliminating dependency upon hardware, virtual labs could now extend programming outreach to thousands of students across the Globe.

Customized projects

IoTIFY can virtualize any physical IoT & IIoT environment that fits your needs, this includes hardware modules, sensors and actuators. We can set up any scenario to develop full stack applications, where participants will only need a web browser and an internet connection to interact with your system.

Global outreach

Organizing MOOCs, physical and online events in IoT with IoTIFY allows participants attend without having to first heavily invest in hardware boards, sensors, actuators etc. We can help course and event organizers obtain a global reach by removing the barriers associated with hardware components.

Faster course curriculum

Dependency upon hardware, sensors and actuators could make IoT course rollouts slower and costlier for students. With IoTIFY as your SaaS tool, students have access to a virtualized lab where they can develop full stack applications at a fraction of the current time and cost, attending courses from wherever in the world.

Full Stack approach

IoTIFY’s virtualization not only emulates hardware boards, sensors and actuators, but also the most commonly used peripherals in IoT such as GPIO, I2C, LEDs, SPI, USB, Ethernet etc and buses so anyone can develop full stack applications and integrate IoTIFY into 3rd party software or cloud solutions.

Advantages of our Education portfolio

Instructor Led or Self paced Learning

The projects offered through IoTIFY virtual lab could be either instructor lead or self-paced. Even a combination of both could be offered to match the need.

Integration with curriculum

IOTIFY virtual lab could be easily integrated into your existing course curriculum, providing a seamless user experience to students.

Customization of Projects and Languages

The projects could be customized to suit the needs for your education topics, the languages and contents could be changed to your target audience.

The assembly, a leading IoT incubator and community in Dubai organized a smart city workshop using IoTIFY. Participants were able to learn the smart trash can programming using our virtual Raspberry Pi and ultrasonic distance sensor.

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