Ensuring IoT Performance at Scale

IoTIFY accelerates time-to-market and reduces QA costs for Enterprise IoT applications

Full scale CI/CD testing automation

Improve the health of your IoT platform with continuous scale testing.

Find scalability issues ahead in time

Discover critical performance, reliability and upgradability issues before you roll out software to thousands of devices.

Rapid prototyping with Virtual Fleet

Build realistic device models and
simulate a large-scale IoT installation as you roll out the new features and replace virtual devices with physical ones.

Quickly orchestrate complex workflows

With our powerful Scenario Composer, you can create automation for running multiple tests with ease. Instead of monitoring the results of these
tests yourself, just input the success criteria and let our platform do the work for you.

Discover a better way to build and test IoT solutions

Traditional load generators for the web and APIs are awfully inadequate to test IoT solutions. IoTIFY is designed from the ground up to cater to specific test and simulation
requirements of large-scale IoT systems purpose-built for IoT platform performance, functional, load and security testing.

Built in Metrics & Visualization

What's a test without the KPI? IoTIFY measures the most critical metrics for your test by default and enables you to measure and visualize your own test metric with a simple API.


IoTIFY supports the most popular protocols, such as MQTT/HTTP/CoAP/AMQP/LWM2M by default. With Raw UDP/DTLS and TCP/TLS support, you can model any other custom protocol with ease. Take advantage of the vast Node.js ecosystem out there.

Advanced Device Models

Build realistic device models with battery, sensors, energy and other custom parameters. Model device interaction with their environment and control simulation through Web/API dynamically.

Real world Customer Solutions

Learn how a leading smart home manufacturer ensured seamless scalability to Millions of connected devices. 

Learn how a major Wireless Modem manufacturer built a scalable SaaS solution layer with the help of IoTIFY

Learn how a major ODM scaled their solution even without hardware in field

Measuring end-to-end latency of an MQTT broker with IoTIFY

How to build a stateful device model with IoTIFY engine

Get a performance evaluation of your IoT solution

Get in touch with us to setup a fully managed IoT performance benchmark 

How can IoTIFY help you?

IoTIFY is designed from the ground up to test hyper-scaler IoT Cloud applications supporting Millions of devices. Our SaaS platform offers unprecedented flexibility to validate your end-to-end IoT solution.  

For Application Developer​

Use IoTIFY as your cloud-based simulator to test your application functionality at scale.

For Devops

Integrate IoTIFY through APIs into your nightly CI/CD workflow and deliver continuous performance testing for your applications.

For performance Tester

Use IoTIFY for stress testing your cloud platform or validate functional and performance targets and measure KPIs.

For Product Managers

Understand the capabilities of your cloud platform, Develop features quickly & set up impressive product demos.

Testing the Internet of Things

Learn more about testability challenges in delivering a large scale IoT solution with our free ebook.

Digital Twin testing simplified

Ensuring performance of your Digital Twin solution is critical. IoTIFY enables cloud-to-device, device-to-cloud and device-to-device interfaces, thereby enabling functional, performance and scalability testing of your Digital Twin model.

Fully Customizable Javascript engine

Extensible with Million+ NPM packages

Full duplex cloud to device communication

Visual workflow Scenario editor

Global config and metric storage

Stateful device modeling and much more

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Real world Customer Solutions

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