Learn how could IoTIFY help you develop scalable applications faster.

Cloud based performance & load testing

IoTIFY enables performance testing of IoT application at cloud scale. Simply define the device behavior in Javascript and completely customize the content of your simulator. Connect to any IoT cloud platform with the support of multiple protocols such as MQTT/CoAP/HTTP/TCP/UDP. Effortlessly scale to any number of devices you need in your test and we will handle the entire test orchestration and result collection in the cloud. Deploy on-premises/cloud/hybrid and export results to any test result analysis system.

Build IoT Systems for Scale and Performance

IoT System is all about scale and performance. Unfortunately, in today's scenario, it is already too late when you find out potential security or performance issues. IoTIFY solves this problem by using virtualization, simulating thousands of IoT endpoints in the cloud - thereby giving you full system simulation capability before your product hit your customer.

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