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Virtualization for the Digital Transformation

The traditional approach in IoT is to start thinking from sensor data, which is often not the correct way to begin with IoT transformation. We believe businesses should focus on the opposite: find the real business need to solve and then work backward to find the right data, connectivity, sensors, and hardware to solve that problem.
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Industrial Transformation with IoTIFY

IoTIFY provides industry’s first virtualized Industry 4.0 transformation solution: allowing customers build a complete end-to-end solution, using virtual models of the end products. Using virtual hardware and sensors which behave exactly like their physical counterpart, enable our customers to see a live system in operation while visualizing the key metrics they need to operate and generate the greatest ROI.

By reducing effort, time and complexity to build a complete IoT value chain in the cloud, IoTIFY helps an organization reduce the risk of failures while  providing immense flexibility to build the right system for their needs.

Project Consulting

Get in touch with our in-house experts to discuss your business case and build the foundation of a promising IoT solution. Find out the key data needed to drive your revenue and growth.

Prototype & Iterate

Once the key project requirements are identified, choose the right set of technological solution to build a virtual prototype of your project. Visualize your end solution and iterate till you reach confidence.

Deploy & Scale

Work with our hardware partners to build a physical implementation of product while software development continues to happen on virtual hardware. Test your solution for scale and find issues before your customer discover them.

Advantages of Virtual IoT

Effective Data Monetization

With IoTIFY virtual datasets tailored to industry specific needs, the organizations could quickly identify the data that matters most for their application. With the ability to swiftly experiment between different data sources, both quantitatively and qualitatively, system designers can quickly come up with the right kind of data model needed to monetize data in the most effective way.

Bridging Skills & Experience Gap

Acquiring the talent to develop IoT strategy and capabilities is often slow and inefficient. This is why many companies will need to partner with right consultancies and engineering firms to develop and execute their IoT strategy. Our industry-wide cross-domain expertise helps our customers build proven solutions that exceed current standards and prepares for future technological evolutions.

Faster & Cheaper Experiment

IoTIFY’s innovative solutions drastically reduces the iteration cycle duration with its virtual hardware prototyping solution. With the simulation of embedded hardware and sensors, each prototype can be swiftly developed, tested and scaled in a virtual environment in order to , cut down the prototype iteration cycle as much as 75%.

Reduced time to Market

IoTIFY’s approach to transformation using virtualization is the comprehensive way to achieve a realistic IIoT capability in the shortest amount of time, lowest cost, risk and uncertainty. Using virtualization, the dependency upon the linear development stages of IoT transformation could be eliminated and replaced with parallel development.

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2012 onwards

It is the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector marked by evolution of cyber physical systems.

1970 onwards

The introduction of industrial automation through an application of IT, software and robotics. Integration of software with systems.

1870 onwards

Introduction of mass production factories, powered by electricity. The concept of Assembly lines was born.

1784 onwards

Introduction of mechanical production facilities mainly powered by water, steam and coal.

Industrial Transformation with IoTIFY

Industry 4.0, which is also known as Industrial Internet or Industrial Internet of Things can be defined as the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector marked by the evolution of cyber-physical systems.

IoTIFY provides industry’s first virtualized Industry 4.0 transformation solution: allowing customers build a complete end-to-end solution, using virtual models of the end products. Using virtual hardware and sensors which behave exactly like their physical counterpart, enable our customers to see a live system in operation while visualizing the key metrics they need to operate and generate the greatest ROI.