Start writing IoT apps on cloud without any hardware dependency

Simulate Connected Fleet

Simulating a connected vehicle fleet has never been easier than before. Connect with cloud provider of your choice.

var path = drive({start:'Geneva,CH',end:'Hamburg,DE',accuracy:5});
return JSON.stringify(path);

Create a virtual device in simple Javascript

Develop Your IoT device models using powerful Javascript based templates. Generate traffic in real time via MQTT, HTTP or CoAP to any cloud platform provider. Simulate underlying network conditions and see the effect of network latency on your overall system performance. Develop IoT application on the cloud without waiting for hardware to arrive.

Build IoT solution for tomorrow. Today.

IoT is all about scale and performance. By the time your customers end into scalability or performance issues, its already too late. IoTIFY's network simulator solves this problem by using virtualization, simulating thousands of IoT endpoints in the cloud - thereby giving you full system simulation capability before your product hit your customer.

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