The missing piece in your IoT solution

IoTIFY is the industry’s first cloud-based performance testing platform designed to help you build, validate and continuously monitor today’s modern enterprise IoT applications.

Discover bugs and test your IoT platform with ease

Designed from the ground up as a cloud-native distributed solution, IoTIFY works with most of the IoT cloud platforms available today. With our connectors, we provide an easy single-click integration with the top IoT cloud platform vendors.

Measure your KPIs continuously

Observe the mission-critical KPIs to ensure the reliability of your platform under load and stress.

Visual Orchestration

With IoTIFY’s unique scenario editor, you could orchestrate complex test workflows in a simple and intuitive manner. Reduce complexity and increase automation in your daily testing workflow. 

Purpose built for IoT Testing

Our network simulator uses virtualization and simulates millions of IoT endpoints to remove the scalability and performance issues your customer may experience.

What can you do with IoTIFY?

IoT Functional Test

Simulate Data from our customizable sensors and validate the business logic of your IoT cloud application.

Simulate Virtual IoT Fleet

Connect with your favourite IoT cloud platform and simulate virtual devices in your network.

IoT Performance Testing

Measure cloud latency, scalability and response time of your business applications with IoTIFY

Measure IoT System health

Continuously monitor key IoT system health parameters with IoTIFY. Integrate with CI/CD workflows.

Getting Started with Azure IoT

Connect with Azure IoT hub and simulate hundreds of virtual sensors.

Getting Started with AWS IoT

Connect with AWS IoT and simulate hundreds of virtual sensors.

Thinking Beyond JMeter

With IoTIFY, you can create and manage Javascript templates describing how a device behaves and responds to cloud commands. Learn why JMeter fails when it comes to IoT testing.