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Frequently asked questions

IoTIFY is a Software as a Service Platform to load test Internet of Things applications in the cloud. You might be familiar with the testing tools such as JMeter and Postman, which are used for Web or API testing. Unlike these existing tools, IoTIFY is designed exclusively for testing IoT applications at a Million+ Scale. 

Using IoTIFY, you can simulate a large device installation and generate traffic which looks exactly like a real-world situation. 

The simple answer is No. IoTIFY is not an IoT platform, i.e. we don’t consume data from your physically connected devices. Instead, we are an IoT testing platform, i.e. we generate data mimicking your IoT devices. 

If you are looking for a reliable IoT platform, don’t worry. We work with hundreds of IoT platforms and can surely help you select the right one for your needs. Just contact us

When it comes to building scalable solutions for the Internet of Things, one of the key problems is to ensure that system can scale and remain performant when hundreds of thousands of devices connect simultaneously. 

Unfortunately, existing tools which are meant for Web Testing perform poorly when it comes to IoT. Building a solution from scratch is also tedious and time-consuming. 

IoTIFY provides a scalable and easy-to-use solution to fulfil your IoT performance Testing, IoT load testing and IoT functional testing needs.  

Absolutely, IoTIFY is designed to be a horizontal platform, i.e. we could adapt our solution to fit any existing testing needs. For example, we can simulate Agriculture IoT, Industrial IoT, Automotive IoT, Medical IoT etc., by creating device models that mimic real-world scenarios. 

The easiest place to get started is to schedule a 15-minute demo with us using the contact us button above. If you need it urgently, please check out the Documentation and test drive the product right away by clicking Sign-In/Join button.