Testing the Internet of Things

A guide to help You navigate through complexities of testing IoT solutions in today’s hyperscale cloud platforms.

What will you learn in this ebook?

While cloud-based software development would continue to evolve at a rapid pace due to the advancement of machine learning and AI, the testing practices are still playing a catch-up game. This eBook is a guide for all the testing professionals who are embarking upon this exciting journey of IoT system testing.

An IoT system requires a different set of approach & mindset to design test strategies to bring about superior testing practices for the emerging technologies of the future. Through this eBook, you are going to embark upon this journey in following sections.

• Overview of the IoT Ecosystem
• Testing Areas within the IoT Software Stack
• IoT Testing Domains
• Understanding the Key IoT Testing Metrics
• Device Modelling & System Simulation
• Testing Tools Requirements
• Test Automation and AI